Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
  • BOA - Straps

    Metal Cam Buckles

    The toughest and most reliable strap. capable of handling loads up to 333 lb each, this means they're capable of towing a motorcycle!!!

    Double D-Rings

    Light weight and compact size, these provides secure a firmly attachment of your luggage. Max cargo capacity of 200 lb.

    Plastic Buckle

    Low budget straps, will do the job at a fraction of price, super lightweight with max cargo capacity of 60 lb.

    Off Road windshield For Yamaha super tenere xt1200

    Short windshield for better airflow and view of  th

    Low Profile

    Better airflow and larger field of view

    Awesome look, rally style


    E2R - Rally Lights kit

    This kit gives you top quality lighting, and extra room for navigation devices. 

    In addition the windshield provides great wind protection and awesome looks.

    E2R - Soft Rack

    For multi day travelling on dirt bikes, strapping luggage is a real struggle. This simple rack strap ties to the tail of any dirt bike and allows you to firmly attach your luggage.

    E2R - Enduro Light Kit

    Design for practical performance while riding and for proud owners that want to live our brand.