Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
  • BOA - Straps

    Constric your luggage firmly

    BOA-Straps is the answer of years of experiencing trouble securing soft luggage to motorcycles.  The experience we´ve have with different products on the market have made us change the way we straps bags.

    We´ve tested different styles of straps, elastic, rigid, loops, with two anchorage points, ratchet and others. with each of them we identified their flaws and positive aspects. But at the end we noticed each strap could be missed used. This brought us to BOA

    The concept surrounding this amazing reptile that rolls over its prey and constrict it enough to block the movement. madeus notice most straps are way to short for going all the way around the load.

    With this in mind, BOA selected the most popular buckle systems and most durable webbing for producing the toughest adventure straps.

    Finding the BOA

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