Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
  • Designing

    The requirements

    After sessions of brain storming with our team we figured out some of the critical requierements for multiday adventures that we haven´t found solution on the market.

    1. Great Lighting capacity.  Hi / low beam, efficient power consumption that doesn´t poors down the battery

    2. Space... Usually Dual sports and dirt bike are very compact, for racing it´s OK, but for adventure riding or rally racing you´ll need extra space for navigation instruments... Just see Dakar rally bikes...

    3. Wind protection, Usually, when you're travelling wind is one of the biggest factors that makes you tired. A good windshield will make thing easier on you and protect your instruments from the elements.

    Other concerns

    This are the ideas  you could call it would be great if?

    - This kit could be easily mounted and dismounted...

    - You could check your electrical connection without hassle

    - If you can change the kit from bike to bike... Work on several bikes

    - If ...

    Many of this ideas are part of today's product, and everything of this is based on our team extensive offroad experience.


    As offroad riders we know how tough the conditions are... So we as desisgning team set the task of finding the proper materials to our engineers for for building it TOUGH!!!

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