Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
  • Engineering

    Built it Tough!!

    Our mission is to make this product be able to stand toughest conditions, for this the engineering team made Numeric simulations, physical testing on the materials we used for our products.

    The material selection was based vibrations analysis, Impact response and structural design.  Using the Design specifications, we made some vibration measurements on a motorcycle while racing on a motocross track. Using this data we made a frequency analysis... In other words we measured the amount of G forces the bike was experimenting.

    With this information we were able to set the extreme condition and select the proper material for standing this forces and vibrations.

    Structural simulations

    Prior manufacturing, we made sure the calculated thickness and selected materials responded adequately. For this we made computer based analysis for vibrations and structural strength.

    This simulations allowed us to improve the original design by reinforcing specific areas. This will make the product adventure proof!!!

    Manufacturing Controls

    After all this work, for making this real we must have correct specifications and proper quality checks. We establish and efficient and highly reliable process of manufacturing.

    We Use for this Computer controlled machinery and highly qualified personnel.