Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
  • Off roading in the Rain

    It's pouring and you're on the trail…


    It happens very often to me, the andes mountains have micro climates and it’s impossible to know the weather conditions you’ll have to go through. So here are some tips:

    First, don't rush, be as smooth as possible on the bike, soft braking and soft acceleration. For doing so, driving one gear higher is a good idea, this reduces the amount of torque driven to the rear wheel.

    Be relaxed


    Allow the bike to choose its path, don't force the bike to go in other direction, is possible the front end slides if you force it. If you fall inside a rot DON’T try to get out unless it's really needed.

    Search for better traction


    In many occasions the trail has water rots, usually on the bottom the are rocks that will give a better traction. The real tip is search for rocks, they will give a better traction than muddy ground. Sometime you be challenge by a sticky mud and no tire could have good traction, in this scenario you can search for a path with some vegetation, for example grass, this will clean the tire and your traction will return.

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