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Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
  • Riding in mud

    Riding in mud can be a real challenge


    Depending on the season an easy trail can turn into a nightmare. Muddy conditions are the one I love the most, and this are some tips so you can enjoy them and not suffer with them.

    First, and most important be smooth!!! If anything spins, you´ll slide (this is fun) but you must be in control of this slide. So the best way is avoiding slide until your confident with drifting the bike.



    Search for traction, analyse the trail, search for rock beds or the “dry” track, not round dry areas.

    Avoid the shiny mud, sometime you have no choice, so beware… it’s very slippery

    Drift & Speed


    Once you’ve gathered some confidence, mud is great for drifting… if you fall you’ll slide with no injuries just bruises. A controlled drift will allow to increase your speed. When your going faster your tires spin faster and centrifugal force will remove the mud on your tires, this will give you better traction and most important more control. Just see the videos os enduro races in mud conditions, the bike that slow down have more difficulties going through, but the one that accelerate go through easier.

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