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Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
  • Middle weight Adventure bikes

    Recently, there's a trend among the motorcycle community. Adventure bikes have popularized and the off road adventures are leading this trend. But those serious off road riders know that heavy bikes or extremely powerful ones are not the best choice for hard offroad travelling. On this article we'll discuss the benefits of middleweight adventure bikes and some of the popular options there on the market.

    Why a middle weight and no a maxitrail?

     Maxitrail bikes are awesome. That being said they have being design as very capable on road machines, with very comfortable seats, good top speed, great acceleration, wind protection, electronic helps, safety, awesome looks and good cargo capacity. But all of this good capabilities aren't free; and the price all this bikes pay is in the weight. All of the are over 180kg (396LB)!!!, dry weight, that´s way to heavy when compared to fully dedicated off road dirt bikes that weight nearly 120kg (265Lb). When you look the number doesn't seem that much but it is a 60kg difference. When you compare 60kg to the rider weight is a lot!! More than half of your body weight that you have to maneuver through mud, sand, rocks or any other terrain. 


    Other reason for choosing middle weights is simplicity… Usually these bikes have no complicated electronics to deal with in case of failure. No extra plastics for styled look. No complex transmissions, simple electric systems… They are pure blood motorbikes, no traction control or ABS… Just what's need for you to ride. Some might say maxitrail are full of fancy and sophisticated features, none, none of them is really needed.

     Few words, we choose a middle weight because it's easier to ride, more maneuverable and any slightly mechanically inclined is capable of fixing it with basic tools.