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Enduro 2 Rally - Motorcycle accessories
  • Ktm 690 enduro r

    The ultimate Dual Sport…

    2013 KTM 690 enduro R is an mis understood bike, is capable of doing everything but it's difficult to define… This bike is only 137 kg with 67 horsepower and 275mm of suspension travel, those are numbers that won´t let you sleep. Riding this beast makes you question yourself about all 1200’s, the acceleration is insane, wheelies are just a quick shift on the throttle and there’s no big obstacle!!!

    Riding a 690...

    First thing you notice, is the nimble feel at low speed and the stability at high speed. But it’s not a dirt bike and not a street bike. Many people complain about a big turning radius, but the only thing you need to do is to turn inside the turn limiting screws, this will give you a turning radius very close to the one you get on a dirt bike. Next thing you notice is a very docile first gear, even though there tons of power and torque it feel like the second or even 3 gear of a 450 bike. Depending on your intended use this is good or not, for example it’s perfect for a rally style riding because all other gear are really close so you can easily change gear and get the exact amount of torque to the rear wheel. 

    Fun… 690 is all about fun…

     After 10’000 miles on the bike the best way I can summarize this bike is FUN, I’ve made 8 hour trips of  tarmac only and almost 15 hour only offroad rides. There’s always place to pop up a wheelie or make a jump. 

    For being clear with you: The 690 is NOT a road bike in its stock form an it’s NOT a dirt bike either. It’s more comfortable than a dirt bike, but when you compare its seat with a touring bike, you won’t like the feel. In many if not all review you’ll find pros and cons, but in all cases they depend on the real use of the bike, in the case of the 690 it’s intend use is rally style riding, fast fire roads or dual track trails are their home… Not the highway not enduro tracks not motocross jumps… Keep this in mind, ask for a test drive and feel this awesome bike. 

    My advice, evaluate the intended use your gonna give to this bike, I know this ain't an easy task but this makes the difference if your going to love or hate the bike!!!

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